How to shoot a panorama photo?

9. August 2019

The world is big and wide and a single photo is often far too small to capture the magnificent view over the city or the land photo of the deep valley: the solution is a panorama picture. For professional photographing of a panorama photo a reflex camera is almost a must. But there are also compact camera options where you can manually adjust all important components that are important for a panorama picture.

If one wants to shoot a successful panorama picture, one should consider some tips during the photographing so that the result becomes optimal or even professional.

The most important point first: a reliable camera tripod is mandatory! If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at They have tons of panorama pics.

A panorama photo is generally always taken in manual mode, so that all image sections are exposed equally. Here you should be familiar with the different settings of exposure time, Auto ISO can help, but can also lead to problems, and aperture so that you can use the panorama camera safely and effectively.

Every panorama picture should be taken with the same settings, so that there are no differences in brightness or sharpness, the same applies here: autofocus can help, but it can also complicate things. Manual settings can also be used to make targeted use of underexposure and overexposure.

Panorama picture tip: Setting the exposure time

With the right exposure time, impressive panorama image results can be achieved. The exposure time should be fixed for all sections of the panorama photo.

First, one searches with the camera for the desired field of view that one would like to capture on the panorama image in order to then localize the correct exposure time.

The exposure time is set so that the part of the image with the brightest point, which serves as a reference point, is precisely exposed or slightly underexposed.

This can be achieved with both a panorama camera and a modern compact camera, which is equipped with numerous additional functions. Meanwhile, one can even take a panorama picture with the smartphone and the appropriate app with the necessary settings. Timelapse photography is also possible.

Panorama picture tip: Adjust focal length

Before starting the panorama photography a point is aimed at, which is then to be seen sharply in the panorama photo. The focal length is then set manually so that the panorama series is always taken with the same focal length. This setting is made so that closer objects are as sharp as objects further away. For special effects, different SIGMA lenses can also be used, such as wide angle technology or super zoom. Of course, the panorama camera for panorama photography can also be equipped with a CPL filter or other color effects.

Panorama picture tip: Adjust aperture and depth of field

Especially nature shots are popular for panorama picture photography. The setting of the aperture plays a major role in the panorama photo and for later design in the image editing program. If one prefers a sharp panorama picture, one chooses a high f-stop number, as through the small aperture opening, the sharp image section is very large. But if a part of the image section should be especially accentuated, one chooses a low aperture, as this leads to a large aperture opening and the sharp image section is thus very small. This has the advantage that the blurred background no longer distracts from the sharp main motif that is in the foreground. Therefore, it is important that the aperture and shutter speed are set manually.